5 Reasons Why You Should Power Your Website with WordPress


Let’s face it.

WordPress is the most powerful content management platform in the market today.

50-60% of the blogs running on the internet today are managed by WordPress platform. In fact, all my websites are built using the WordPress CMS Platform.

In my journey around the internet, Facebook especially, I notice a lot of talks amongst people who hope to start their own blogs someday.

And whenever I try to ask what is stopping them from starting a blog, they keep saying things like “I don’t know how to code” or “I don’t have the technical know-how to run a blog”.

Well, in this article, I have got you covered as I will be sharing with you how easy to run and manage a WordPress website without getting scared out of your wits.

Let’s get started with it already!

5 Reasons Why You Should Power Your Website With WordPress

1: Easy to use

This must come first on the list of reasons why you should power your website with WordPress because it is the fact and exactly what a newbie or wannabe bloggers should know.

The easiest website editor on the web today has been and always will be WordPress.

I am not so sure there would be any other CMS platform that will be coding-free asides WordPress.

To tell you what, if you can use Microsoft word, set up and manage a Facebook account or effectively compose and send mails then you can use WordPress. It’s that simple.

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2: Manageability Option

Just as it is easy to set up a WordPress account, so it is to manage it.

The only thing you need to manage your WordPress account is a reliable internet connection, ability to create “words” and consistency in sharing your findings with your loyal blog readers.

A friend once asked me, “Sam, how can I manage my WordPress account?”

My answer was short and simple. Just as you manage your Facebook account.

Nothing more.

3: Great for SEO Optimization

WordPress is good for SEO optimization.

It has a clean platform and all search engines love it, especially Google.com.

This basically means there’s a possibility of your site making it on the first page of Google’s results, which in turn will help people in finding your site with ease.

Yoast SEO plugin, Squirrly SEO and a host of other plugins from the WordPress Repository are available to help you optimize your content to rank high on the search engines, thereby making you visible, attract more customers and make more money online.

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4: No HTML Editing or PHP Knowledge Required

If you know me well, you’d know I have a strong dislike for writing codes.

I had a degree in Computer Sciences and we were taught many coding languages back at college.

You would think I would know how to write codes.

Well, I don’t.

Wait, don’t get me wrong.

I sure can write basic coding languages, like HTML but I still prefer to build my websites, plus those of my clients with WordPress than sitting down for hours on the computer writing codes.

I think this is where I will demystify the whole website creation thing by telling you that you don’t need to be some sort of nerd, that is, you don’t have to know HTML, or PHP to be able to use WordPress effectively.


See, WordPress is very simple and makes life easier for every one of us using it.

However, it will be a plus if you know this coding skills.

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5: Flexible Design

WordPress is 100% customizable and it’s very easy to use.

You can set up the layout of your site, that is, where you want a particular widget or plugin to be placed on your blog surface area. You can have different layouts on different pages.

Your only limit is your imagination. You can search and install as many themes as you want. You can install many different widgets as well.

Take it or leave it, WordPress is the best!

All you need to do is give it a try and your life will never remain the same.

Your Turn.

These are the 5 reasons why you should power your website with WordPress, and I am very sure that if you would take the challenge today to visit worpress.com and register to start your website, you will come back here and thank me via the comment section.

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