Hey, there!

I am so glad to have you here on my blog.

And I am more pleased to know you’d love to learn more about me; what I do and what I am about.

So, what’s my name?

I am Sam Adeyinka, and I’m a Google-certified Digital Marketing Specialist, a LESTF Social Media Manager, a Profound Creative Writer, a Practicing Thespian, a Talented Public Speaker, a WordPress SEO Consultant (A.K.A SEO Consultant for bloggers), a Chatbot Development Specialist, a Seasoned Blogger, and a passionate Blog Trainer in Lagos, Nigeria!

So here’s how I can help you…

I help SMEs, Internet Entrepreneurs and brands like you grow and drive targeted traffic to their website with digital marketing.

These are couple of things I do

As a Digital Marketing Expert in Nigeria

  • Generating and growing Traffic to grow online audience
  • Content Mapping and Marketing
  • Using Facebook ads to generate more sales and leads
  • Designing impressive WordPress Website
  • Leveraging on the latest digital tools for an unfair advantage over competitors
  • Conversion Rate Optimization to increase sales and leads
  • Developing Custom SEO Campaign to generate free traffic from the search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing ,etc)

What do you have to know?

Well, one of the things I want you to know is that I created this blog because of you… yes, YOU!

This blog is created to put you on a path to success; a path that leads into self-fulfillment, this path that teaches and show you just how to START, GROW, and MONETIZE your talent through a digital intervention called, “Blogging“.

I started my first blog on November 12, 2011, but this year, September 6, will make it six (6) years since I have been practicing and doing professional blogging.

I know it’s not up to a decade yet, but trust me it has been a rewarding and wonderful experience these short time I have spent running around the Blog-O-Sphere.

And even though I am not rich, I make a very comfortable, honest living online doing one VERY SIMPLE THING…

  • Help young entrepreneurs, startup founders, and small business owners create stunning and holistic websites that help to reinforce them as a top-notch brand, which inevitably makes them a formidable business-brands to reckon with in their various industries.
  • Teach wannabe bloggers how to start a blog with WordPress from scratch, how to grow a blog (and increase website traffic) to the point where it becomes an authority blog, and lastly, how to monetize a blog to generate huge monthly revenues.

If you by chance fall under any of the above categories, then there is a chance of working with you either on helping you create a stunning website to compete and trump your competitors in winning the hearts of your target audience, or teaching YOU the Art and Science of Blogging, so that you can move from 0 to $100, then $1000, and so on and so forth.

By the way, have you found yourself searching for any of these keywords?

  • “How to start a blog and make money”
  • “How to start a blog for profit”
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  • “How to Start your own blog”
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  • “How to monetize a blog”
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  • “How to monetize my blog”

Well, you are not alone.

Like you, I spent a considerable amount of time every night and day searching for keyword phrases like the ones above until one day, I finally summoned the courage to hit the road by applying some of the “How to Start a Blog and Make Money” tips I stumbled on during my many hours of research.

That said. Guys, on this blog, I have committed myself to spare you all those hours of research by showing you just how to create your own blog and begin to profit online like a Pro!

Consider me as your SEO Consultant and Trainer or your go-to SEO Nija, WordPress Trainer or even a Make Money Blogging Coach.

Whatever aspect of online marketing you are about to delve into, it doesn’t matter, just be sure to make this blog your second home.

What else should you know?

Sam is the author of books such as 101 Common Blogging Mistakes: And Smart Fixes (Published on Amazon), You are the Success Factor, Fiverr Sales Machine, and most recently, Does Money Grow On Trees: How to 10x Your Income in 4 Weeks Without Breaking the Bank!

He is a regular guest author on blogs from around the blog-o-sphere, and he’s a trainer who loves to teach and train people based on the things he learns.

Now, let me give you a little background story…

January 1, 2008, was when I lost the most significant person in my life… My Mom!

It was one of the most painful moments in my life, and for another three years, I had to live with my uncle.

Living with my uncle had the usual Ups and Downs of living with another person(s) other than your own parents.

I can’t say I have all the freedom in the world to explore life like I would have wanted to if I was living with my momma.

You understand what I am saying, right?

Well, in 2011, I took a really drastic decision to leave his home to stay alone at my late Grandma’s house with a couple of guys (my big niece’s friends) who occupies this little room at the backyard of my Mama’s compound.

Then one fateful day in 2011 after I had read Andres Lara’s book, which he titled, “Inspire the Sleeping Giant Within“, I was broken to pieces, and piece by piece I was reconstructed and reconfigured into God’s ultimate calling for me, which is to spread his love and help people find and lead a life of PURPOSE!

It’s been eight (8) whopping years and I have not looked back; I have not stopped acting and living out why and what God impressed upon my heart that wonderful night of self-discovery.

Fast forward from 2011 to 2019, I have been able to accomplish a lot of accomplishments.

I mean in the space of eight (8) years, I’ve been able to help tens of thousands of people from around the world discovered themselves, create their own websites, grow their online presence, and make money living out their dreams and passions!

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There are undoubtedly many posts I’ve missed, so if you happen to come across one please do not hesitate to let me know!

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