Passion is one of the critical most important things in the life of any individual.

It is one huge phenomenon that has helped to distinguish the Greats and the Failed.

You might have great skills or you might be highly talented in one area or the other, but if you are not very passionate about these things, you might not go far as to succeeding.

However, with a burning desire as of passion, you can rise and move from the back of the crowd to the front of a teaming life’s crowd, and begin to live the life you’ve always dream about!

But hey, I better warn you upfront that this post is going to be pretty long, but would surely worth your while only if you take the time to read through the entire article.

So, you want to make money via your passions?

Well, you are in the right arm, as I will make sure to teach and show you all the steps involved in turning your passions into money via a blogging intervention.

I will go over and beyond to show you the step-by-step process of how to make money blogging in Nigeria by leveraging your passions, skills, technical know-hows, and knowledge.

So, you ask, “But Sam, how do I begin to make money online as a blogger doing what I love?”

Good question!

But in answering that question, I have to tell you a little bit about how I started out into the world of blogging.

Is that okay?

I bet you answered, yes!

How I Started to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria

In the summer of 2011, November 12, 2011 to be price, I joined the blogging bandwagon and began sharing my thoughts on my then blog – – then I move on to create another powerful motivation blog on September 6, 2013.

I called that blog – ProMotivator – am pretty sure some of you reading this post right now, would have probably come in contact with that blog before it transfigured and metamorphosed into something much bigger,, a blog that later got shutdown due to my inability to pay my yearly Hosting subscription.

Let’s get back a bit into the past, that is, when I started out, am talking about my first encounter with a blog in 2011…

I didn’t know what a blog is, what it is about, let alone how to make money via blogging.

Believe me, I didn’t know all those things, and truth be told, I didn’t care or bother myself about knowing them either.

What I wanted was to just find a platform where I could easily share my thoughts, my experiments, my wins, and the likes.

I remember searching these terms – how to share my knowledge on the internet And how to get my works online – on my then Blackberry Curve 1 phone.

Well, it worked as those searches led me straight into the world of blogging, though I have to say unknowingly.

I tried out with BlogSpot, then WordPress, then Wix, Tumblr, and a couple other platforms. They were nice, but it was one heck of a learning curve for me as I was simply getting started and didn’t really know my way around using those tools.

In fact, at some point I had to press pause since the whole thing was quite frustrating…crickets everywhere. I mean nobody was checking my stuffs, no form of engagement, and I sure wasn’t making no dime.


I just gave up!

But then, in early 2013, I took a U-turn and I began reading blogs, downloading ebooks, and making blogging buddies via blog commenting who all contributed into teaching me how to truly start and grow a blog of means in Nigeria.

By September, I was ready and full of fire to start my first ever successful blog online…but by successful, I didn’t mean in terms of money, but in terms of engagement. Oh my God! I had crazy engagement, but unfortunately, I didn’t know how to turn those engagements into money.

That was when I began to alter and create new processes that led me into the world of creating and selling blogs via Flippa, reviewing blogs, accepting sponsored posts, doing affiliate marketing, and selling services via Fiverr, an online market place for people trying to make money online.

But Guess What?

I failed in almost 70% of these online making money ventures.

And trust me, it wasn’t because these platforms or methods of making money online didn’t work, no, it was more because I was rather too fast with my ambition to make money fast online, which all turned out very depressing.

In fact, I made considerable amount of money which contributed immensely into paying my bills: I was an orphan and that means I had to take of my bills, which were paying for my school fees, shelter and livelihood, and other things in-between.

But asides the fact that I had to pay my bills, I was not also wise at spending my money.

Plus concentrating on each of those platforms became a hard nut to crack for me.

In addition to that,  these making money online methods  required my active engagement, which wasn’t really cool, especially if one was going to last and enjoy spending the money in peace.

So what, I began to seek passive methods of making money online.

I found some really cool ones which am about to expose to you in this article.

However, I am not here to just talk about “blogging” as it sounds to you or as you must have read somewhere else.

I simply want to show you how to build a profitable long-term business online using a blog as a perfect medium to reach out to your potential customers.

Not only that, you’ll also discover some REALLY  important factors you should never ignore if you want to be successful with your blog on a long-term basis.

So are you game?

Let’s dive in…

What is a Blog?

In literal term, a blog is a communication channel between an author and a reader, where the former strives hard to either communicate his interests or a research work and shares it in an easy to read (engaging) format to the later, that is, the reader who also is the front-end-user of such blogs. In other words, a blog can be written in a fun or technical format, and it is a kind of journal journaling the life and thoughts of the back-end-user, that is, the author of the blog.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an ongoing activity that involves publishing content such as Text, Audio, Videos, Infographics, and any other form of useful and helpful information via your weblog.

Side Note:
In case you have something to contribute or questions to ask. Please use the comment section below. I’ll love to answer all your questions. Or contact me for advise.


Isn’t it quite alarming with the innumerable increase in the number of Nigerians wanting to Start a Blog?

Well, I don’t blame them, and that’s because they must have heard about blogging superstars like Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija and how they make a kill of a money blogging in Nigeria.

If you are very updated and conversant with social media networks (like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). You’d have come across one or two adverts at some points on your timelines related to this topics – blogging, make money online, and the likes.

Perhaps you might have heard someone talk about the endless opportunities a single blog (or a website) could afford you? And how crucial it is especially for business owners who want to triple their sales.

Well, wherever you must have pick that information from, I’d tell you right now that that information is in fact, true!

Depending on how you look at it, blogging is indeed profitable and its a form of online business that can make you go from a zero to earning 7-figures by simply sharing your thoughts and passions with an audience that is hungry to consume what you have to share.

Most of the persons that parades the online world looking and searching for how to make money blogging in Nigeria believe and are convinced that the only way to make money online is via advertisements or sponsorships. I say no!

The truth is the fact that these methods of making money online works and will continue to work in years to come, but you must be able to rack up crazy daily and monthly website traffic if you were going to begin making money online blogging in Nigeria.

This is why you must follow this post to the footer to properly discover only the effective ways to profit online these days while you blog about the things you love to do or passionate about even as a beginner in the system.

In a simple and very clear sentence:

You’ll learn how to use a blog to sell and reach out to clients that can pay you for what you love and truly skilled in.

All I seek right now is your rapt attention and your willingness to read though all the pieces of advice I’d share here in a bit, and be sure to read the entire article to the end so you can discover and know the pathways to successful and profitable blogging in Nigeria.

I will be sharing with you:

  1. The 4 top factors to consider first when about to start a blog.
  2. The profitable ways to start your own blog online for fast success.
  3. And the no-doubt methods to make money blogging in Nigeria.
  4. Plus other important and helpful bonus tips inclusive.

4 Important Factors to Take Note Of Before You Embark On Your Blog Journey in Nigeria. This is Serious!

Over the years, I’ve created several blogs and I’ve meddled into several online businesses asides blogging such as Fiverr and Flipping websites, all of which I failed at due to my negligence-careless-attitude, mistakes and sheer ignorance.

Mind you, I didn’t set out in this portion of  the article to lay you off, but I do believe that sharing some of the essentials of blogging, and the possible mistakes to avoid as a wanna-be (average or even pro) blogger would really suffice and will be starting point of your blogging achievements! Hope you understand?

Let’s get REAL…