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How to Beome a Social Media Manager in Nigeria

How to Make Money as a Social Media Manager

The other day, I was invited to train a group of people on the subject of “Digital Marketing”.

That day, I shared a lot of tips and tricks on how to thrive and become a global brand through digital marketing.

I remember saying something along these lines: A brand or business will thrive and become formidable only if it can coordinatively and strategically dominate and exact great influence on social media.

It was then this lady who I sensed had been listening ever so closely and attentively, raised her hand to ask a question: “Sir, in your calculations, how much do social media managers make? Plus, how do they make all this money?”

I laughed and shared with her and the rest of the class tips on how to make money as a social media manager whilst also touching on the different types of social media managers we have in our world today, and how what “Mr. A” makes might be different from what “Mr. B” makes.

Quick one; there are two major ways I believe social media managers could help themselves to make some money online.

They are:

  • Services

  • Products

Someone said once, “Business growth involves learning to productize your services”, and trust me, I second those thoughts.

As a social media manager, you’ve got two major options to make money doing what you do.

The first is service-based, which simply means, that for you to make money, you will need to tackle projects for different clients.

This method is good but is however very limited in the sense that you won’t be able to make as much money as you hope to make because, of course, you can’t work with 30 different clients at the same time.

Except, of course, you’ve got a team of experts under your belt, and that is not very possible unless you are a Fortune 500 company.

Now, the other way is to earn via creating invaluable products. This might be video training, software, a short report, or a definitive guide detailing concepts and strategies for thriving in your niche or industry. It can be anything really!

All you need to do here is to set up a system that looks something like this: your product >> a landing or squeeze page >> traffic = sales!

That’s pretty much the funnel you need to build to keep earning as a social manager even in your sleep.

Freelance Social Media Manager Portfolio [Easy Steps to Create Yours]

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a portfolio as an internet marketer or social media manager.

It’s a must-have document or webpage you need to put together as a forward-thinking social media manager.


Recruiters or individuals looking to hire extra hands for their social media projects tend to always ask to see what you’ve done before.

The reason for the ask is simple; they’d love to know and check balance the quality of your work.

I mean it’s not just enough to say you are good or that you are the best thing after bread and butter, you’ve got to have something to back up your claims.

So, you say you are a social media management expert? Fine. Go ahead and present what makes you the best expert for hire.

What are the Steps Involved in Creating the Best Freelance Social Media Manager Portfolio?

  • Research other portfolios out there
  • Take snapshots of your best works
  • Create a one-pager website, or
  • Create a PowerPoint Slide Deck, then
  • Convert it to a PDF file you can easily present to recruiters

What to include:

  • A summary of yourself
  • A summary of your skillset
  • You can add a one-pager of your resume if you want
  • Content examples
  • Projects tackled
  • Ad campaigns
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Analytic reports

And pretty much any screenshots that cement your authority as a social media management expert.

3 Portfolio Examples to Model Right Away!

These 3 portfolio examples are from very active social media managers out there.

Two are folks I stumbled on their profiles and portfolio online.

The last guy is ME. 😜

Juli Anna’s Portfolio Example

Juli Anna’s portfolio can be viewed as a PDF simply by clicking the image below.

I particularly love Juli’s freelance social media portfolio not just because it is really detailed, but also for how highly branded and simplistic it is.

The portfolio is a highlight of Juli Anna, her resume, and samples of her works and services, with a strategic call to action that mentions her rates and what people have to say about her service.

The lady did a great job at using one stone to kill multiple birds. 😊

Juli Anna’s Portfolio Example

Julia Babicheva’s Portfolio Example

Like Anna’s, Julia’s portfolio can be viewed as a PDF by clicking the image below.

Her approach is not so different from Anna’s, but in any case, it is uniquely unique to her brand and her personality, which is cute.

She introduces herself to her reader, then moves on to share her experience, followed by examples of her completed works and her expertise, of course, she includes a clever call to action which is to “get in touch” with her.

Julia Babicheva’s Portfolio Example

Sam Adeyinka’s Portfolio Example

Well, you know I’m Sam Adeyinka and Sam Adeyinka is me, right? 😂

Good. So, go ahead, and click the image below to get a copy of my freelance social media manager portfolio to model yours.

In my portfolio, I did well in inserting my CTA right above the fold of the header page. I shared some of my works and social media analytics.

I introduced myself whilst also sharing an overview of my experience and journey through digital marketing and social media management.

I did well to highlight the industries I’ve worked in and I also shared web pages I helped my clients to build. I included testimonials, my expertise, and a call to action.

Sam Adeyinka's Social Media Manager Portfolio

Pro Advice: Whatever you do, make sure to have your CV, Cover Letter, and Portfolio up-to-date and share-worthy.

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