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How to Beome a Social Media Manager in Nigeria

How to Become a Social Media Manager in Nigeria

  1. Get Educated by Learning Social Media Marketing
  2. Build a Social Media Presence
  3. Build a Portfolio
  4. Market Yourself Unashamedly by Creating Branded Social Media Content
  5. Learn How to Use Social Media and General Marketing Analytics
  6. Learn How to Use Social Media Marketing Tools
  7. Establish Your Processes
  8. Define Your Services
  9. Find Jobs and Clients
  1. Get Educated by Learning Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, education is the singular most important aspect of becoming an efficient social media manager or community manager.

When we say get educated, we do not necessarily mean going to college to get a degree, no, because, in the real sense, you can become a social media manager without a degree.

Getting an education is as simple as reading blogs or watching YouTube videos about social media marketing.

There is a truckload of content already published on the internet web about social media and how to make money as a social media manager.

You just have to be willing to search and be ready to consume that content. That’s all.

If you are interested in getting educated on social media marketing, below, I share some good FREE resources to learn how to become a social media manager in Nigeria.

Hubspot Academy

Facebook Blueprint



Merakee Digital Solutions




Pro Tip: Always be on top of learning!

  1. Build a Social Media Presence

Building a social media presence is one of the most important ingredients of showing hiring managers that you truly know your onions.

Simply create a Facebook, Instagram, and maybe an account on Twitter and Quora.

There are plenty of social media networks out there, but the ones I shared above, along with WhatsApp are a good social media channel to kickstart your social media journey.


There is already half of the world on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which simply means you will mostly find your audience and community on these apps.

Twitter and Quora are two other social channels where you can display your awesomeness simply by sharing your thoughts.

You can quickly become popular and maybe get social media management clients with a platform like Quora if you are constantly answering questions about your niche industry.

The idea of being on all these social media platforms is simply to announce yourself or a social media management agency strategically with thoughtful, very helpful, and useful content.

  1. Do Free Portfolio Projects

As a social media manager, one of the things that will stand you out from the rest of the crowds is having a social media manager portfolio.

If you’re a starter, with little or no experience, hiring managers might find it difficult to hire you.

The best thing to do will simply be to do free portfolio jobs such as helping your friend(s) set up their social media pages or designing free graphics for that church down the road.

This doesn’t mean you should consistently work for free.

“Okay I heard you, Sam, but please how do I go about this?”

Simply reach out to businesses on social media through hashtags in your niche or simply go on Google to search.

Once you find them, reach out to them with a message like this:

Hello, [name]! 👋

My name is [introduce yourself and what you do] Sam Adeyinka, and I’m the creative lead for Merakee Digital Solutions, a fast-growing Social Media Management Agency in Lagos. We help our clients create social media strategies and content calendars, and at the same time help them execute and monitor their marketing campaigns.

I noticed your last five posts on Instagram had no captions, and even the few ones that had captions weren’t thoughtfully written. If you don’t mind, I would love to help you write an engaging caption for your next five (5) posts.

If you love the captions, we can schedule a call thereafter and see how my team can start writing your social media captions just so you can get more social buzz, earn more sales, and make more profits.

Thanks for the audience, do have a lovely day ahead.

CLMerakee Digital Solutions
IG & Twitter: @merakeedigital
Tel: +2348161646027

Pro Advice: Always make sure to mention the name of your prospective lead. People love it when you mention their names as opposed to just saying “Hey, there!” Also, don’t forget to end with “a regard”, your business name, and how to reach you.

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